Friday, 6 December 2013

Public Perceptions: Archaeology and Criminology

Marc Balcells is a criminologist and as such has the same problem with media-misinformed public ignorance and misconception as archaeologists ['Archaeology for non-archaeologists (like myself)', SAFE blog Dec 2 2013]. He talks of people still having a "Hollywood-style conception of archaeology", in which the archaeologist:
embarks on a treasure hunt in order to get a one-of-a-kind artifact which will (no doubt) be labeled as a spectacular find. In sum, an archaeology which is object driven and in which the archaeologist is a collector him/herself. 
Of course if they listen to the archaeological outreach of the UK's Portable Antiquities Scheme, they get exactly the same picture.


Unknown said...

Oh come on Mr Barford! Where would the world be without chancers explorers and dreamers?
Did you not once yourself say.
I guess however much we may deny it, there may well be a little of the Indiana Jones in all of us - and I might do a post here later about my own "Indy Moment" in a Theban tomb a few days ago.
I do occasionaly wonder why you let through comments at the vetting point and later delete them.
Maybe there are 99,999 other detectorists here in the UK that wonder what your agenda actually is.

Kristan Jones.

Paul Barford said...

Explore and dream but don't cause damage. I suppose it would be impossible to convince you that what I called an "Indy moment" is not a life philosophy.

I really do not bother about what 9999 "detectorists" think about me. No more than I'd worry about what pheasant poachers, shanty singers, bell ringers and Washington street sweepers think about me.

If I feel a sequence of comments is not of any permanent value, or going away from the topic of the post, I reserve the right not to post other people's material on MY blog. OK?

Done sniping?

Paul Barford said...

Mr Jones,
would you be so good as to elucidate what you meant here:

You seemed to have just thrown some mud and run away from explaining your reasoning. "Snipe and Run", absolutely typical Tekkie Disruptor tactics. This has nothing to do with "exploring and dreaming" its more to do with "making a nuisance of yourself" which is what thirteen year olds like doing.

While we are at it, why did you write "99 999" above?

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