Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sir Barney White-Spunner a PAS Clone

Hooray Henry Sir Barney White-Spunner of the Countryside Alliance (photo Jay Williams)

RSPCA has become 'sinister and nasty', warns head of the Countryside Alliance.
Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner urges members of the Countryside Alliance to stop donating to the “once great institution” and says charity is more interested in animal rights than promoting welfare. 
That sounds awfully like the British Museum labelling those with heritage concerns "trolls".  This blog will however continue to question the short-sighted self-interested epicureanism of the Bloomsbury White-Spunners and their allies into 2014. They can continue their policy of dismissal, taunts and insults, or they can engage in the discussion. How long can they pretend the issues do not exist?

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