Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Searching the Searcher and What Do we Find?

The January edition of The Searcher magazine is on sale from Wednesday the 4th December and is also available digitally. In this issue is a very short article about that supposedly 'Balkan' brooch from a UK rally which FLO David Williams promised he'd be publishing there so we can learn more about its typology and try to unravel the circumstances of it ending up in an English field. I've not yet got my copy but from what I've gathered from someone who has, the brooch he illustrates is not necessarily Balkan but is of a type much more widely distributed, he does not say who identified it. Dr Williams (who reportedly cites no references) is also quite wrong about its dating.

Why are archaeologists being sent to 'The Searcher' (a hobby magazine, not a journal of record) for this information?

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