Monday, 9 December 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: That Ten Millionth Object

Quote by "Anonymous":
"The acid test to prove the Erosion Counter's inaccuracy is to demand details of say, artefact number, 10 million and one. Where was it found, what is it, who found it, and when[?]

Well the rate the HE Artefact Erosion Counter has been ticking away means (as I make it) that the ten millionth and first object would have been found a little after one in the afternoon on Wednesday 16th September 2009, while I was in Egypt.  The object recorded on the PAS database most likely at that time was Record ID: LANCUM-0F97C8 found at Robin Hoods House, Burnley Lancs. The name of the finder is unknown. This was something like the PAS' "421607th object" (and 268883rd record). The ten millionth and first object dug up by artefact hunters since 1975 which was dug up in a field on the same day may never have been reported to the PAS.

UPDATE: See the later post on the curious comments of a person currently appropriating for himself the title "Britain's Number One Detectorist" on this post (13th December 2013) which give a good insight into the mind of a metal detectorist.

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