Thursday, 5 December 2013

Britain's Got Treasure Final Episode: Boverton Hoard "Quick as a Ferret up a Drainpipe"

 The ITV blurb talking about "Britain's Secret Treasures" tells the viewing public that one of the objects in this episode's show-and-tell was found in the following manner:
French polisher Brian Gibbinson was walking in fields in Boverton when he found some metal hoops in the ground. He contacted experts who revealed the hoops were a jewellery set that was thousands of years old. Part of the set was missing but several years later treasure hunter Peter Halford found the missing piece. 
The account by the finders ("The Members that Found Hoards" on the Detecting Wales forum) differs in a quite specific manner:
It consists of a neck collar and two bangles of which one of the bangles had a part missing which was found at a later date by none other than our own peter H.It was found in 2005 by my mate brian and myself.I think brian should take most of the plaudits as he found the neck collar .But when he showed me what he had found iwas in shock !I was at the spot as quick as a ferret up a drainpipe.I scanned the area for any faint signals and immediately got one.Because it was on stubble the ground was pretty soft so i dug down about 9 inches and pulled out three quarters of a bangle*
If it was found while metal detecting, why not simply say so? Why "French polisher" and not "metal detectorist"? (And is this not the second French polisher we have met on BST?)

* "This is the collar at the museum and what is nice it is labelled underneath as THE BOVERTON COLLAR found by detectorists ADrian p and brian g and guess who opened the new section of the museum !none other than our great friend MICK ASTON! Didnt talk to him just gave him a smug smile;)" A "smug smile" that said what?

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