Saturday, 21 December 2013

Heritage Action in International Mode

Bogdan Zdrojewski, Polish Minister of
Culture and National Heritage
("Nie lubię kompromisów")

Apparently, "In Britain you need an official licence to play a harp in the street…" (Heritage Action, 'Embarrassing Inconsistencies #3: licence and license', 22nd Dec. 2013), more so I imagine nowadays if you happen to be a Romanian or Bulgarian busker. But, as Heritage Action point out in a clever play on words "but you have official license to metal detect our heritage onto eBay!"
And not just if you’re British. Everyone in the world is free (nay, welcome) to do it. Here’s a Polish metal detecting rally. Not in Poland, where they’d be locked up, but in Bedfordshire [picture of artefact hunters in army fatigues going equipped with metal detectors and whopping big spades]. Hey, Mr Vaisey, are Julek, Józef and Stefan "true heritage heroes"? Ummm.... cos I was thinking, you could ask the Polish Culture Minister if he would like you to send  him Wayne, Bozza and Gazz to return the favour.
Wayne, Boz and Gazz would have to comply with the same conditions as artefact hunters in Poland, the ones artefact hunters from Poland hoiking stuff under Britain's liberal laws are among those opposing.

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