Sunday, 8 December 2013

"Like Sending Back Art the Nazis Looted"

Somebody going by the name of "A" ("a numismatic dealer, archaeologist and scholar") joins in the discussion of the Jewish archive taken from occupied Iraq by the US, mentioning the Nazi depredations in Poland. The post is called "Like Sending Back Art Nazis Looted" which gives some idea of the levels to which this discussion is being taken by certain interest groups. I refer the reader to my comments about the legal aspects of what these people are proposing (and the fact that the Washington lawyer whose blog it is and who is among the tub-thumpers is refusing to discuss that aspect).

In Poland, the Nazi invader took away items including Jewish owned items or relating to the Jews in Poland.
In Iraq, the US  invader took away items including Jewish owned items or relating to the Jews in Iraq.
Indeed they are very much alike and in the one case and the other, the invader should relinquish material seized in the period of conflict.

As I have said before, if the Iraq escapade is to have any meaning, the people the Iraqi Jews associations should be negotiating with over this material are the government installed in Iraq after the US occupation, not the erstwhile occupier.

But I have a feeling that it is not the documents here that are the important thing, these people simply want to provoke a conflict or rather prolong one belonging to the past rather than move forward. This is the purpose of the emotional and one-sided press coverage that is being created at their instigation.

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