Saturday, 14 February 2015

Heritage Action on the Lenborough Hoard

Security guards can be hired by the day
Heritage Action discuss a recent artefact find: "Lenborough Hoard: c’est foutaise!' (14/02/2015), starting from the recent Rescue statement that it seems everyone else has already forgotten. The text is accompanied by an advert for a local security company. It would seem that the the local FLO was unaware of this, or at least neglected to engage on behalf of the finders (not all of whom would be local):
No Way 4the best quote is from the BBC for it says the payout just from the Lenborough Hoard “could be £1.3 million” – which is the same as PAS’s allowance for a whole year! (Despite the fact it was hoiked out far too fast due to pressure from people who couldn’t control themselves or be bothered to arrange for it to be guarded overnight!. Selungnorami) Compare and contrast the people who didn’t call Atif with the sort of people that are going to THIS today! (No mention or praise or reward for them then Ed!)
So it’s all there in the papers, just under the spin: Britain IS utterly bonkers. And no, our portable antiquities system is not “internationally admired” as has been trumpeted this week (who feeds Ed Vaizey these lines?). Not enough for any country, anywhere, ever to have adopted it anyway! How come?
I would say very probably because they care about their archaeological heritage and do not want to see sites needlessly trashed and the goodies grabbed like all too visibly was the case at Lenborough. No other finds from the Lenborough rally have surfaced on the PAS database, two months after the event.

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