Thursday, 26 February 2015


This is a public institution, supposedly
represents British values (Wikipedia).
Let's take a look inside and see how well.
Today there will be a sequence of posts analysing a fragmentary series of documents wrested from the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure Unit at the British Museum by a request under the Freedom of Information Act. As one colleague who has already seen them said, "the PAS do get rather [...] personal don't they?" Another has commented on what they reveal: "the behaviour would be funny if it wasn't so poor". I am more interested in them though for a totally different reason. They allow us to infer a little about what goes on behind the scenes in the PAS - and it is not at all an edifying sight. Let me put on record at the outset that my impression is that the BM has not done this very carefully, at this stage there seem to be several pieces of material missing (omitted not redacted out).


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