Sunday, 15 February 2015

US Archaeologists and Metal Detectorist on Finding Common Ground

An interesting discussion between two archaeologists and a responsible metal detectorist exploring the differences of opinion between the two groups and the reasons for them ("Preservation" Magazine Extra: Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists on Finding Common Ground). The poor sound quality at the beginning sorts itself out a few minutes in.  In general a rather upbeat piece, with some good points made, let's skip the gentleman from Carolina who was not really all that sure how the PAS across the ocean works... Wayne Sayles got two questions in (here). It is quite interesting to note the differences that appear in the way this is discussed in the US and the attitudes you would find on both sides in the UK (not to mention Continental Europe).

 Posted on You Tube by National Trust for Historic Preservation, 11th Feb 2015.

Panelists: Matt Reeves (Director of Archaeology at Montpelier), Charlie Ewen (professor of anthropology East Carolina University/ president of the Society for Historical Archaeology ), John Francis (National Geographic), Scott Clark (metal detectorist and blogger - 

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