Friday, 6 February 2015

Detect and Protect: Watch out, they may be Armed

'Detect and Protect', sounds good, protecting the archaeological resource while artefact hunting. Ethical and responsible metal detecting...? But no, it's a Facebook page discussing what to do if somebody comes close to you while metal detecting...  Sprays, concealed weapons, tasers, knives and radioactive metal detectors
Detect and Protect!   This group is all about what you can do to protect yourself while metal detecting.
Members can talk about…
• Conceal Carry
• Should you carry for protection while detecting? If so what the option right for you: Gun, Knife, Stun Gun, Mace, Club, Just your digging tool. (No condom jokes … we get it)
• Successful techniques in getting permission
• Do’s and Don’ts when protecting yourself
• Successful techniques of self defense
• Stories and what you learned from it.
• Someone approaches you … what should you do?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A Mace?!?!
Holy Alabammy!

And all for the love of history!

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