Thursday, 26 February 2015

PACHI PAS FOI: The Internal Emails: Muddle over a Site Name

Topic G Hollingbourne

Every nighthawk in Kent sat down earlier on this year with Google Earth and the video of the archaeological let down at a certain site in the Maidstone Area and they found the same characteristic clump of trees I spotted and found out that there was a known Anglo-Saxon burial suite there and worked out where a certain club dig had been held. A doddle really. But the PAS insist on playing a stupid Secret Squirrel secrecy game and hiding from the public the name of the place where another piece of their heritage had been trashed. That's under the premises that if they tell you where it is, the thieves will be in there right away. Well, I reckon with the mild winter and the long dark nights we've had they've been and gone already. So the FOI request revealed where it was. Hollingbourne. There it is. We learn from the subject line of this email that this is/will be Treasure case "2014 T90".

Now here's an interesting thing, the single email we have is sent by Ian Richardson (Treasure Registrar in the BM) 9th July 2014 to an unknown recipient [redacted] and copied to Helen Geake - reminding her to use the secret name in her report. To whom was this sent and why? Why does it mention me?

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