Saturday, 7 February 2015

"New Mark" Controversy: Arrogant Academic Response Vanishes

 "As you were, nothing to see here, move along..."

After a week it seems Dr Danny Zacharias realised his "joke" about allegedly looting tombs for Acadia Divinity College staff to smash up the artefacts to find bits of Secret Mark ('Bizarre and Disgracefully Arrogant Response over New Mark Fragment', PACHI Saturday, 31 January 2015) really was not all that funny. He has taken it down and first amended and then deleted the post on his blog about it.

video gone
Zacharias blog page on 5th Feb (UPDATE 6th Feb, now
it seems that the cache has also vanished)
On the contrary, the problem is not people taking themselves too seriously, the problem here was of academics who make light of legitimate questions and concerns about private collecting of freshly surfaced antiquities and the involvement of academics in it. These are questions which elsewhere are being discussed, not dismissed as here.


lalbertson said...

Do you know if someone was able to save a copy of it before it disappeared? If so, can you let me know? I'd hoped to show it as a class lecture but I am not technologically astute when it comes to ripping Youtube videos. If you know someone with a copy, can you let me know?

Paul Barford said...

Sadly, no. We could recreate it with little Lego men.

Beau said...

I didn't upload the video, but I did save a still of Evans beating the box with the photoshopped mummy mask.

It's on my blog:

David Knell said...
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David Knell said...

Among other misinformed and sickening inanities uttered by McDowell in the video posted by Beau is this gem: "See, a manuscript by definition is not an entire book; it's a portion of the book".

No, McDowell. A "manuscript by definition" can be a portion OR an entire book. The word you are groping for is "fragment". Did you attend school much? So, how would you define an Ancient Egyptian artefact? A priceless object that belongs to Egyptian and world heritage - or a worthless object that you can destroy because "we own 'em"?

I really can't watch that video too often. I just want to slap his stupid face.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I am saving an entire archive of all this material, don't worry it is very easy to download videos.

lalbertson said...

Thanks guys/gals!

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