Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Artefact Hunting Best Practice Thought for 2016

tweeted "I don't like the term Nighthawk. There are many shades of reporting/non-reporting and law-abiding does not... [the end is lost]"
My reply: 1 min.1 minutę temu
so, why do we not all (incl. PAS) consistently use the CBA's term "knowledge theft" in our dealings with the media?
The question "why don't we" requires the answer "yes, there is no reason why we cannot, we'll do it" or "No, we cannot because ... and... and ...". Generally, however, we all know that the British Museum's PAS just avoids seeing questions like that, apparently because they have not the nouse to come up with a proper answer. I am quite happy to be proven wrong there.


Anonymous said...

Reading those tweets, am I right in thinking you, I, CBA, a leading detectorist and a senior FLO all now agree that knowledge theft is an appropriate term for non-reporting?

Paul Barford said...

I cannot see anything "inappropriate" in its use. I've always advocated calling a spade a spade. Anyone who disagrees is perfectly at liberty to argue their case here.

Brian Curtiss said...

The reason for using the term non reporting is it downplays the failure of the mechanisms currently in place to combat it. Using the term knowledge theft is correct. That is what it is, but the people who have failed to prevent it won't use it because it makes them look the worse for it. Public relations at its finest or worst, depending only on the part you play on the issue.

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