Saturday, 12 December 2015

CNN: "How ISIS sells antiquities to fund terror"

I have no time just now to comment in more detail, here's another "ISIL sells archaeological loot" propaganda video, this one from CNN (How ISIS sells antiquities to fund terror). Much of the same old same old, Abu Sayyaf - dodgy finds found the more inviting side of the Syria-Turkey border. While I firmly believe that ISIL does "loot archaeological sites, universities, libraries and private collections to generate revenue for the organization" (why would they not do so?), I think a general point here is that journalists really should try passing their material (even when it is itself shown them by US archaeologists as "proof") past some independent experts and - for goodness sake a few experienced dealers. Just saying.

And journalists, how about some more nuanced reporting to replace the gung-ho cardboard cutout thinking promulgated now with comic-book style graphics? You know, that "investigative reporting" thingy they talked about at journalism school.

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