Monday, 14 December 2015

Stolen relief of Seti I in London

A limestone relief dating back to the reign of the Egyptian King Seti I of the New Kingdom was recovered on Monday from an auction hall in London after two months of negotiations.[...] the ministry was informed about the relief by the curator at the British Museum, Marcel Marée. [...] the relief was then confiscated by the British police [...] Ahmed explained that the relief was stolen due to illegal excavations. The relief is engraved with a scene depicting the 19th dynasty King Seti I before the goddess Hathor and the god Web Wawat. It also bears hieroglyphic text and the names of several ancient Egyptian deities from what is now the Assiut governorate in Upper Egypt. The relief comes from an undiscovered temple of Seti I in Assiut. 
 Nevine El-Aref, 'Stolen relief of Egyptian King Seti I recovered from London' Al Ahram Monday 14 Dec 2015 

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