Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Metal Detectives Commercial Rally Targets Known Site

Sunday 13th December 2015 6:30 to 16:30 Aston, Oxfordshire  100 acre+ field
The Metal Detectives have only searched this field once before and unearthed a number of Roman coins and artefacts as well as a quarter stater and several hammered coins and other recordable items. There is a roman villa in the field right next to our field, along with a series of crop marks that extend well into our search area, and other fields surrounding have some pretty epic crop marks and recorded features in and around them. We would like to expect some more great finds from this area on the day so fingers crossed. [...] HOLE FILLING IS A MUST, REMOVING METAL RUBBISH TO THE BUCKETS OR HEDGES IS A MUST, HEADPHONES AND FIND POUCHES TO BE WORN.
Oh, the FLO "will be asked to attend" from 1 pm (was that "invited"?).

Somebody's making £17.00 a head (£22 non-members) out of this bit of commercial hoik-and-grab heritage-rape. The hedgerows full of bits of metal they did not want and a few scraps of information in the PAS database will be all that is left of the site they intend to pilfer.

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