Saturday, 12 December 2015

Prize for Nice Speech-reading

Top marks for that boy, Ed Vaizey gets a medal for reading the prepared speeches out loud so nicely:
.@britishmuseum giving @edvaizey a medal for his support over the years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme. 

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Are British politicians so easy to bribe? Mike Pitts approves:
Mike Pitts@pittsmike 2 hrs2 hours ago
@DCMS @edvaizey @britishmuseum well deserved
Quite why Mr Pirtts thinks it is well-deserved remains a mysterty, perhaps for being part of a system which systematically failed to support the PAS with the resources needed to recorsd all that has been brought to it down the years? Or maybe allowing the national Scheme to be dismembered by dumping the problem on the BM's doorstep? Who remembers when Roger Bland got a medal (a bigger one) from the ACCG?
Rodger and the whopper

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