Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Krazy, Krazy World of the Metal Detectorist

Pale UK tekkie with his kit on
How's that for metal detecting goodness? On the one hand, they raised £1,222.50 "for charity" by unattractive males artefact hunting in mankinis, but only have managed so far £320 raised to help keep PAS going. It seems PAS need to get involved in demeaning stunts to get the support of this crowd of clowns.



the barnacle said...

This as you say "crowd of clowns" raised money for a brain tumour Charity, a great bunch of guys - here is the link if you wish to support them -

you should be praising their efforts and not demeaning them,

Paul Barford said...

You know, the way I see it is these guys were demeaning themselves by what they were doing. The problem is this is just a front for the heritage pocketing they were all doing anyway. These "charity rallies" are just a huge scam. You can make money for brain tumour charities by demeaning yourself by mud-wrestling or pickled egg gobbling contests and no heritage is trashed or pocketed. Do you take all of us for idiots? Apparently so. Barnacle is not your real name is it?

the barnacle said...

you know my real name so unsure why you ask, its no secret. pickled egg gobbling contest, thats a good one - maybe next time - by the way it wasnt a charity event. it was a few good guys raising money for a worthy cause at the event, you making a deal of it just promotes it more - so thank you. Steve Wright. (no not the dj before you ask).

Paul Barford said...

"Charity event" or no, the charity element at metal detecting rallies is always a front. Your hobby is exploitive and damaging, dress it how you will.

Anonymous said...

They would argue otherwise but "helping charity" while "helping yourself" always speaks for itself. Let them do the first without the second, like so many honest, worthy people do.

Incidentally, the claim that most detectorists do what they do for anything other than selfish motives has now been exposed for what it is by the fact they've responded to PAS's appeal for support at the rate of 1p each per month.

In fact, it has exposed it so comprehensively one wonders if someone in PAS, disillusioned with the falsehoods, set the appeal up to demonstrate the reality of artefact hunting to the Government? I presume Ed Vaizey didn't repeat his "heroes" line at this year's PAS shindig? Is the Big Lie no longer believed in Whitehall? 70% non-recording and a penny a month voluntary financial contributions are pretty vivid statistics.

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