Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Numismatic Supremecists Silent

'Heap of coins on a table' numismatics -
what can it achieve?
David Knell writes ( Monday, 7 December 2015) on ' A classic from Classical Coins ' concerning the sort of nonsenses peddled by supporters of no-questions-asked collecting:
Some remarks are so outstanding in the sheer plumbless depth of their nonsense that they deserve an award at least for their entertainment value if nothing else. There would be no shortage of candidates, particularly among those made by some members of the ACCG, but a strong contender for this year's nomination must be this recent pronouncement by the owner of Classical Coins: [...]
Then follows a brief discussion of Dealer Dave's remarks on the alleged supremacy of coin collecting over everything else, which he characterises as "jaw-dropping inanity". Come on Mr Welsh and Mr Berk, demonstrate what you mean about what your type of 'numismatics' can tell us: using as an example the California state quarter - we are dying to see what true "professional numismatists" can do with such a "source of information" without recourse to extra-source information.  Why so shy?

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