Thursday, 21 April 2016

Carabinieri bust another online dealer

Do you believe in the
dealers' coin fairies?
Have you bought any antiquities from this guy (Lynda Albertson, 'The Carabinieri TPC Sequester Stash of Archaeological Finds For Sale on the Internet' Art Crime Blog Thursday, April 21, 2016)?  In Sicily, the Syracuse culture-cops (Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale), have
seized a cache of antiquities including rings, fibulas (brooches) earrings, pottery, oil lamps and more than 100 silver and bronze coins dating to the Greek and Roman period [...] at the home of a 48 year old restaurant worker in Ragusa. At the residence in addition to the illegally excavated antiquities officers found a small amount of hashish and marijuana, a metal detector and tools used for illegal clandestine excavations.
These policemen do not believe in coin fairies
(Photo: Carabinieri TPC - Ragusa Division)
The stuff laid out on the table in the photo comprises mostly the so-called staple "minor antiquities" offered by online sellers in Europe and the USA. So where do they come from? Well, they will swear blind that (tho' they "seem to have lost all the paperwork, it was here a minute ago, and it's all kosher") their objects are all from "old collections". So I guess the artefacts the Sicilian seller was flogging off must have disappeared into the magic cupboards of the coin fairies. That's what European and American dealers will have you believe. Time to STOP the lies.

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