Saturday, 16 April 2016

The father of Euro-hoiking?

Heritage Journal ask:
Dr Michael Lewis of the British Museum’s Learning, Audiences and Volunteers department was invited to speak today at the first European Council for Metal Detecting conference at The Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport, an event specifically designed to promote the benefits of the “English Model” throughout Europe. Is it going ahead? Or did Dr Lewis decline the invitation because he felt being the father of Euro-hoiking was a step too far for him? We’ll know soon." 
Given that this is a suggestion of the international artefact collecting community which has been renewed many times over the past decade and a half (since PAS started trumpeting its achievements), it would be very useful for colleagues abroad to have an official statement on the approach of the PAS to the antiquities legislation of other countries which protects sites from Collection-driven Exploitation, and the pros and cons of scrapping that and replacing it with a voluntary recording scheme modelled on the PAS.

Could the BM "Learning, Audiences and Volunteers Department" knock one up as a consultation document? Could they? Yes. Will they? We will see.

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