Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Palmyra: "The Famous Man and the Unknown Woman who Dared to Defy ISIL"

Lindsey Hilsum, Thom Walker and cameraman Soren Munk (UK TV's Channel 4 News) tell the stories of the famous man and the unknown woman - both killed for defying Islamic State militants. This story moves away from the focus on the ruins and a destroyed museum exhibit to the people of Tadmor.

Posted on You Tube by Channel 4 News 6th April 2016
The second theme of this video seems to be suggesting that the museum building was used as a prison and court - rather like what happened in the 2011 Egyptian 'revolution', when Mubarak's army occupied the Egyptian Museum just off Tahrir Square and used its outbuildings to hold arrested protestors and, allegedly, carry out their infamous 'virginity tests'. Presumably one reason for this may be that the storerooms of museums in which valuable material will be kept will have strong doors with secure locks. In the case of Palmyra, these rooms will probably have been largely empty when encountered by ISIL fighters entering the city.

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