Wednesday, 20 April 2016

UK Detectorists: "Vote Brexit, stop nighthawking".

The metal detectorists of the UK consider it is a sign of their "responsibility" that they call people who trespass to go artefact hunting by the worst possible names. Here from a thread on one incident discovered recently are a few: "lowlife cretins", "SCUM", "pondlife", For added bonus points they apparently gain kudos in their colleagues' eyes by threatening physical violence or death (Dingdong: "And if I had my way, I'd string em up high..!"/ Deadlock: "They need stringing up low life"). Or like CelticSpike, interfering with their vehicles It is extremely notable that not one forum member mentions contacting the police. But of course, in this crowd, it would never occur to them that the culprits would be anyone in a club or the NCMD doing this:
I have also heard of Polish/ Romanian Lorry drivers stopping over night getting out and searching fields with detectors not in my area but who knows apparently there was one getting confronted on a u tube video ?? Some time ago [emoticon]
So, it's "orl these bloody furriners, innit?" Dangerous simpletons. "Vote Brexit, stop nighthawking?"

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