Sunday, 17 April 2016

Hoard Hoikers Note: Jersey Coin Hoard: Purse found with coins

"The team from Jersey Heritage  
have been working for the past 18 months
on removing the coins one at a time. There are
an estimated 70,000 coins in the hoard". 

All those who feel that the best way to deal with a metal-detected coin hoard is to hoik it all out through a narrow keyhole dug down from above in fading light should note: Jersey Coin Hoard: Rare purse found with coins (BBC News 15th April 2016)


The Jersey hoard was found in a field by metal detectorists Richard Miles and Reg Meade in 2012. The leather purse is about the size of an average palm and is described as an important find by senior conservator Neil Mahrer. He said they have so far removed some 40,000 coins and this was the first bag they had come across. Mr Mahrer said: "It is made of leather, it looks like it is either made of one sheet or bootlace strands. "It is about 8cm across and 4cm deep. It is joined at one side to two rings that could have been for fixing it to a belt." [...] He said they would be removing all the coins surrounding the purse so they could then remove it with the earth in a single block.
So a bit like a small Sainsbury's orange shopping bag, then? The Lenborough Hoard was also found in a field by metal detectorists, but was tipped out loose onto a farmer's kitchen table the same night. As are many other hoards found in a field by metal detectorists in England and Wales.

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