Monday, 26 February 2018

Curbing the Spoils of War

The UNESCO Courier has just published Sam Hardy's article on “curbing the spoils of war“ (Hardy, S A. 2017: “Curbing the spoils of war”. UNESCO Courier, Number 3).
Confronted with such evidence [of conflict antiquities trafficking, around the world, over more than a century], it becomes impossible to maintain the reassuring myths that conflict financing through antiquities trafficking is not happening at all, that it is not making a difference to the development of those conflicts or that it can be suppressed with exceptional measures against particular organizations. The only way to constrict this kind of trafficking is through the policing and regulation of the conflict antiquities market.
Hear hear. And you'd think that reputable dealers worthy of the name would be going for it ... and what is the antiquities trade doing, bless them? 

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