Monday, 5 February 2018

Targeting Known Sites

Nicola Kemp-Simonds to Metal detecting 33 mins 
Got my first permission yesterday It’s a castle [emoticon] and it’s all mine ! And surrounding woodland. I’m set for life [emoticon][emoticon][emoticon][emoticon]
Comments (it is all 'sic'):
Chris Davis Good luck post your finds up [emoticon][emoticon]
Marc Sands You ate one lucky lady ..good. luck my friend unlocking all that history I hope it's gona be good I. Can't imagine how excited you are coz I. Know I would be x of you need a help. In hand lol please please spare me in mind lol this point you'll be thinking yiu can jog on x all the very best mate
Lee Martin Good luck and happy hunting [emoticon][emoticon]
Rab Milligan Mind don't get caught

The notion that a historical monument such as a castle and the archaeological deposits of the landscape surrounding it can be treated by someone as 'all mine' surely is not the message the PAS is there to promote. Perhaps if this message, after twenty years, is not getting through to people like Ms Kemp-Simonds the PAS needs to step up its efforts.

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Anonymous said...

"Mind you don't get caught...."

What does he mean, PAS? That he's a hamateur harchaeologist and a PAS Partner hinvolved in the country's largest harchaeological survey hand hadering to the code of conduct hawfully well?

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