Saturday, 24 February 2018

Immigrants Pocketing European Archaeological Record

The Brexiters do not like the idea of 'furriners coming to our country and taking advantage of the social benefits and all that'. Immigrants like expatriate 'Robert' need to think about this when deciding to go out and pilfer the French archaeological record for collectables to pocket:

He was having problems 'researching' it (that is finding out what it is and what it might be worth), but British tekkie Allectus (Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:31 pm) comes to his aid:
It's all out there mate. [emoticon] Here's your one with more info..... en/ stores/ Ken Dorney [emoticon]
There Robert, sixty dollars. In England, that'd be thirty for the landowner, thirty for you, no? And if you were not going to sell it, you'd still owe the landowner thirty dollars for their share. But you are not in England are you?


Anonymous said...

Actually, in England if it was $60 (or £2,000 at some events as valued by the detectorist alone)it would be zero for the farmer and all to the oikeologist.

Hougenai said...

Perhaps the finder should've spent a few moments searching for documents such as this:
which provides a reasonable summary of the situation in France.
It is not disclosed whether he had the appropriate licensing, research experience etc that French Law requires. As he's a Brit abroad, it is doubtful, he probably follows the unwritten British code of 'Who cares whether it's damaging or illegal, we'll sort that out after we've found something of value (that can't be laundered through the normal (mis)disclosure of findspot, while smiling glibly at some gullible or uncaring FLO).

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