Sunday, 11 February 2018

US Antiquities Dealer Lobby Silent as Israel Pounds Syria

Israeli warplanes have bombed and evidently badly damaged facilities in Syria as part of their proxy war with Iran. Far from expressing outrage, the major antiquities trade lobbying groups including the ACCP, GHA and the ADCAEA have remained silent about this. But why? A cynic might think these groups are more concerned about angering the Israeli establishment than in maintaining a consistent message of apparent concern for the well-being of the poor residents of 'source countries'. After all, Israel is for dealers associated with these groups a major source of valuable artefacts with export permits from archaeological sites across the region.


kyri said...

Hi Paul,the israelis have actually clamped down hard on antiquities dealers over the past couple of years closing up a few loopholes exploited by the dealers.the dealers in israel have been crying about it for months.

Paul Barford said...

Yes, but you did not notice that this was ridiculing the antiquities trade lobbyist sanctimoniosity 'Archaeological Lobby Silent as Turkey Bombs Hittite Cultural Site' on another blog (to which there is a link in my post). Lacking real arguments, the antiquities trade employs the shrill screaming of intellectual whores who will write any old nonsense in an attempt to discredit preservationists.

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