Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dead Chicken Antiquities Lobbyist Claims Blog Bias due to 'Gatekeeper Glitch', Only Allows Metal Detectorists Through

It's called "selective hearing, thinking and reporting".......

In a discussion with Peter Tompa, who expects to be spoon-fed information by ICOM rather than actually doing the footwork himself, Lynda Albertson‏ (@sauterne Feb 8) adds
I posted a reply to your article a few days back regarding ASOR's report on AIN Dara, my comment was censored.
Peter Tompa, pretending to be a 'Global Heritage Alliance' replies:
·  Global Her. All. @global_her Feb 8 I have no idea what you are speaking about. Censored? The only person who has been blocked is Mr. Barford, and for good reason. In any event, the ICOM website and press release speaks in generalities only. I've made an offer to her which stands if ICOM would like to take it2 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
I think those who look at what I was posting before Mr Tompa decided that it would be easier to block me than answer the points I was raising about the nature of his 'Cultural Property Observations' might realise that the reason was that he had no answers.  CPO writing as GHA made ICOM an offer to publish in the ACCP newsletter. What an incestuous world the US antiquities trade lobby is! They are all basically the same gang of seven and a half. Anyway, it was all a misunderstanding with Lynda Albertson:
If you read the comments to my blog, I've often published contrary views. Barford too for a long time until he got out of hand. Yes, it was a glitch. Feel free to comment.
Got out of hand means 'asked questions I really could not answer and exposed my bias'. That is what we called censorship in Poland, but hey, anything goes in Trump's America.

The post in question is here. No questions from Lynda Albertson have appeared, just trolling by two BFF metal detectorists:
8 lut
... Howland and I both commented on Jan 31. His is published, mine was omitted. Feb 1 comment of stoutstandards is there. For the record, I pointed out that ASOR was not silent on Ain Dara as your article implies and suggested looking for their damage report.
and for the record, I posted too a comment there pointing out that there are archaeologists in other countries than America (USA,USA, USA!) that have expressed their dismay at this news, but not posting my comment was by Mr Tompa's own admission no 'glitch' (it is called 'out of hand') but a deliberate decision to suppress information calling into question the picture that Mr Tompa irresponsibly paints into question. The non-appearance of a similar comment by Lynda Albertson would fall into the same pattern. Needless to say the two comments that were not censored by enthusiastic metal detecting claquers Stout and Howland support the Tomparian Fake News. This Lynda Albertson notes:
No, not interested in restating what I've already stated above for a 3rd time. I do find it amusing though that you call Monica Hanna out for bias, ASOR and AIA out for bias, ICOM and State out for bias, but when your alliance show bias, We're supposed to believe it's a web glitch.
Who would believe Peter Tompa after that?

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