Thursday, 22 February 2018

Where was/is Macedonia?

The bitter dispute over the name "Macedonia" has lasted more than 70 years

Eleni Chrepa and Slav Okov ,  'Inside the Bitter Dispute Over the Name ‘Macedonia’ ...',  . Bloomberg 22 Feb 2018.
A dispute between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia goes back more than seven decades, but now both neighbors have a political interest in finding a solution. The row isn’t over territory or where the border should be, it’s about what constitutes "Macedonia," the name taken by the small independent state that was born out of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Greece says the name Macedonia should refer only to its northern region, which was Alexander the Great’s stronghold in ancient times, and today is split into eastern, western and central administrative divisions. To Greece, Macedonia, historically and culturally, has nothing to do with any other country, including the republic to its immediate north.

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