Thursday, 8 February 2018

Artefact smuggling cannot be stopped without genuine international cooperation,

At an event on 29th January unveiling some recently repatriated smuggled items, Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said that there is no way to prevent artefact smuggling without genuine cooperation between countries ('Artifact smuggling cannot be stopped without genuine international cooperation, Turkish minister says' Anadolu Agency January 30 2018).
“It is impossible to completely prevent historical artefact smuggling without the sincere cooperation of countries, just as it’s not possible to prevent the global dimension of terror without sincere cooperation in fighting terrorism,” Kurtulmuş said at a ceremony in the capital Ankara showcasing historical artefacts recently repatriated to Turkey. [...] He stressed the importance of protecting historical artefacts, boosting cooperation to preserve culture, and bringing artefacts trafficked internationally back to where they belong. Kurtulmuş said there were many works taken from Turkey that are still on display in museums in Britain, Germany, and the U.S., and that Turkey is striving to repatriate them. Turkey is waiting to bring back 55 more historical artefacts home, he added.
When of course you have obstructive antiquities trade lobbies opposed to any kind of international cooperation, things become difficult.

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