Sunday, 18 February 2018

Mysterious Seizures at Miami Airport

Press release: CBP Intercepts Ancient Artifacts at Miami International Airport Release Date: February 16, 2018

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and agriculture specialists seem a bit confused as to what it is they are doing and why. They boast of stopping two antiquities shipments at Miami International Airport
One of the shipments sent from the United Kingdom had been manifested as having a value of $252,000. Upon opening the wooden cargo container, what appeared to be a helmet was discovered. The item appeared to be an antique possibly dating back to ancient times. The shipment documentation appeared incomplete and similar items have been deemed authentic and repatriated in the past. An expert appraiser was consulted and determined the item to be an authentic "Corinthian Helmet" dating back to 100-500 B.C.
Why it was stopped, and why they think they are going to 'repatriate' it is not clear. What was missing from the documentation. What is missing from this article is the name of the dealer that sent an object top the USA without knowing what documentation is needed to pass it through... obviously a dealer that any customer would be advised to be very wary of. In the other case:
CBP agriculture specialists at Miami International Airport selected the second shipment sent from El Salvador for an agriculture examination and discovered 13 individual pieces of pottery and figurines. The shipment manifest listed the contents as "Handicrafts". The items appeared to be pre-Columbian and CBP detained the shipment for appraisal and authentication. An expert appraiser recently concluded the items are of Mayan origin. Some of the items date back to 300 A.D. while others date back to 1200 A.D. "
Those dullard dealers, not knowing the right name for antiquities. Duh. Dealer's name also withheld. But it seems the CBP is not too good a briefing its press officers...
CBP's primary mission is to stop terrorists and their weapons from entering the homeland and the agency [...]  “The interception of these ancient antiquities is a great example of the role CBP plays in enforcing international repatriation laws of ancient artifacts."  
What 'laws' would they be then? Again that US fixation on the R-word, repatriation. Its Smuggling you guys are there to fight.

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