Monday, 5 February 2018

Probable Fake Stela Found near Deir Al-Zour

Hot news from Syria:

On 17/1/2018, The Authority of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities received an antique sculpture from the Syrian Democratic Forces that was found in the field of Al Omer in Deir Al-Zour. The sculpture is in the form of an obelisk with dimensions of 145 × 95 and a thickness of 17 cm with decorations are mostly dated to the [New] Assyrian period, this obelisk incomplete and mutilated maybe during the illegal excavation by extremist groups.
Or maybe not so 'hot':
. 3 godziny temu3 godziny temuWięcejA stele carved in Assyrian style has been reportedly found near Deir Ezzour; my initial inclination is that it is a little more recent in date.
I agree with Cultura, I suspect this is a fake made for the market, not necessarily in the time of ISIL, it could be an earlier product that was captured by ISIL and rejected as saleable because not all middlemen are as gullible (or alternatively, impudent) as those that took some of the crap we have seen to Turkey.

 But here's the rub, virtually all of former ISIL territory has now been overrun by regime forces, and apart from one house in Mosul that had a courtyard full of pots and other stuff, there have been no 'portable antiquity caches' reported... What does that tell us?

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