Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ACCG, New website, URLs Change

The ACCG has revamped its website, its now very sombre and dark to reflect that it represents the Dark Side incarnate. As a result, some of the URLs given here in previous posts do not all work. I thought for a while that they had taken the opportunity to get rid of the embarassing "Coin Collectors and Cultural Property Nationalism", but it has been moved from: to:

It is interesting to see whose blogs they count as among their supporters (because of course it would be expecting too much to assume that after castigating others about not producing one, they'd be producing a "balanced bibliography" of them): Peter K. Tompa Cultural Property Observer (first place, before) Wayne G. Sayles' Ancient Coin Collecting, then there is David Meadows' RogueClassicism, Dave Welsh's Classical Coins, then - oddly - Kimberly Alderman's "Cultural Property and Archaeology Law Blog" and Derek Fincham's "Illicit Cultural Property", then Dorothy King's doggie gossip blog "PhDiva" and Lee Rosenbaum' coinless "Culture Grrl". What an odd selection. Where is david Knell and robin C.'s? Where is the Portable Antiquities scheme?

And looky-looky, the third benefit auction is being advertised:
2010 Benefit Auction, Bidding Opens September 16, 2010 - Closes October 7, 2010 "A benefit auction to raise funds for legal expenses in opposition to State Department imposed import restrictions on ancient coins".
So how much of that will be going to former ACCG president Peter Tompa's law firm (Bailey and Ehrenberg), eh? So far just V-coins has donated some gift vouchers, if the last two auctions are anything to go by, these will be among the very few items up for auction which have any kind of information concerning from where they originate.

Vignette: Dark Side by "R3V4N".

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