Sunday, 15 August 2010

The 1939 Welsh Looting of the British Museum

Phyllis Doovah, a London-based journalist for the antiquities collectors' magazine "Minerva" announced in a recent post ('The Looting of The British Museum') on her "Phyl Doovah DoggieAntiks" blog and on The Cultural Property Conspiracy website that she has evidence concerning the involvement of a prominent Welsh museum director in the looting of the British Museum in the chaos that ensued soon after the declaration of War on September 3rd 1939.

Doovah relates that in the course of a taped interview with Cardiff museum boss David Davids-Jones, he admitted being party to the secret packing of material from the London based museum, their clandestine transport across the Welsh border and their covert hiding in secret underground caves deep below Cardiff. Deputy Librarian Gildas Tibbot is also accused by Doovah of being involved in this "looting", and his son admitted that he would visit the underground stash to look at it nightly.

Doovah is quoted as saying she is surprised by the reaction that her accusations have aroused, calling them a "storm in a teacup". She says that the involvement of the Welsh museum staff in the movement of the material from the English museums at the outbreak of war is "old news", and all she has done is given it a new spin by calling it "looting" and accusing specific people of involvement in it. She also says that the Cardiff Museum boss was responsible for thefts of valuable objects from English private collections at the same time. She patronisingly asserts:
Davids-Jones' life is not whiter than white, but then again whose is? man is not perfect, but he was just obeying orders, and sometimes that's the only option people feel they have".
Mr Davids-Jones' widow Helena calls Doovah's accusations "irresponsible" and has instructed her lawyer Tomo Shlomper of Blumstein and Goldberg PLC to begin proceedings.

Photo: Phyl Doovah not quite sure what she wanted to say, but Mr Schlomper will sort her out if she cannot see the way to doing it herself.

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