Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Mr Haines, Where Can I buy a nice Antique Buddha HEAD?

So where can somebody who "does not know much about collecting in that area" get information where they could buy a real genu-wine "affordable antique buddha head"? Why of course from the "responsible collectors" gathered on Tim Haines' Yahoo "Ancient Artifacts" discussion closed access group. How many "responsible" answers will they get? And how many dealers on the list will offer them the effects of statuary decapitation which they have in their own stockroom?

Question: why just the HEAD? Is not the full figure exhibiting the mudras not an option for some reason? Or is it that heads are so fashionable on western markets as they are easier to obtain "in the field" and get out of the source country without being noticed? Why actually if one just wants to gaze on the face of Buddha in Wisconsin or wherever does one have to have a knocked-off antique?

UPDATE 4th August: Well, one piece of advice the would-be purchaser has had from list members came from a dealer in Portland, Oregon:
Make sure that the Budda head you buy has papers for providence as it is against the law to export antique Buddas from Thailand and other Asian countries today.
The guy is an antiquity dealer ("reasonably priced ancient antiquities, Holylands oil lamps, Roman and Greek coins") and does not even know the right word for it...

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