Monday, 9 August 2010

Collecting History of a Coin

In the 'Coins of Britain, Ireland and Scotland 29 Sep 10' auction of Mayfair dealer Dix Noonan Webb (so probably contemporary with the upcoming third benefit auction of the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild) is a coin of Charles I (1625-1649). US coin dealers claim that "traditionally" collecting histories are not recorded for old coins. Here's one however which has quite a nice collecting history, this one at least did not fall of the back of a lorry from the Balkans:
Provenance: H. Webb Collection, Sotheby Auction, 9-14 July 1894, lot 611;
T. Bliss Collection, Part II, Sotheby Auction, 15-19 May 1916, lot 470;
V.M. Brand Collection;
R.C. Lockett Collection, Part II, Glendining Auction, 11-17 October 1956, lot 2583
This coin has a largely verifiable collecting pedigree going back to before 1894, recorded as passing through the hands of four collectors at something like 20 year intervals, until 1956. Was that when the current seller bought it? Or has it become "traditional" not to pay less attention to changes in ownership of older numismatic items only with the rise of the modern mass market?

Vignette: Scarborough Castle (old photo taken c. 1890).

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