Friday, 13 August 2010

More on Unprovenanced "Oxfordshire" Finial (3) Importing antiquities...

Interesting also is that in contrast to the information given on the AncientArtifacts website, Hooker it now turns out was not the importer of this object but "I recommended it to a local dealer here [...] I arranged a trade and cash combination that allowed me to obtain it". I wonder who that "local dealer" willing to try to import an item that Hooker says should never have received an export licence could have been? I wonder if we looked on his website whether we might see there for sale other items that should not have received export licences, and none actually being mentioned in the sales blurb? Just a thought...
Vignette: Hooker will not release a photo of his "precious" but its in the "Disney" style. Mickey Mouse seems an ideal mascot for antiquitist pseudo-archaeology.

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