Tuesday, 10 August 2010

US.gov on smuggling

Two brief articles from the US.gov webstuff caught my eye for their phrasing and are a good read in themselves:

1) Jeff Baron, 'On the Hunt for Stolen Treasure: U.S. looking to unite cultural artifacts with their rightful owners' [too bad dealers and collectors cannot see that in the way the author assumes the rest of his readers will] 15th April 2010. [sidebar with related material lauding US aid for cultural preservation - too bad the dealers and collectors spoil the picture].

2) Bridget Hunter, 'Cooperative Law Enforcement Enables Fossil Repatriation to China: Action is example of growing U.S.-China collaboration on security, trade', 2nd June 2010. I was interested in the reference to national security (see text below this). [Again the US coin dealing fraction want to undermine precisely these efforts with their upcoming court case].

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