Saturday, 28 August 2010

Security problems abound in Egypt's museums

Interesting article - Hadeel Al-Shalchi: 'Security problems abound in Egypt's museums'. Californian coin dealer Dave Welsh posted it to antiquity forums and predictably and ungraciouly jeers:
We should, of course, strive to return all antiquities to State custody in their nations of origin so that they can be properly studied and cared for.
What of course we and others are "striving for" is to return all stolen antiquities to the people they were stolen from. Of course that does not stop other thieves from wanting to steal more stuff from the Egyptians and other "source nations" whose cultural property is coveted by unscrupulous thieves, traders and collectors. Welsh's complacency is ill-placed. The Cairo painting was small enough to hide on the person the Isabella Stewart Gardner paintings stolen from a Boston Museum show that it is not just in Africa that public collections are raided.

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Mark said...


Quick note, I worked as a security guard at the ISGM and it is actually a private museum (registered non-profit). The Smithsonian, which is a national museum, had a theft of a snuff box worth $125k in 1979, but I'm sure there have been others.


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