Tuesday 1 February 2011

AIA Statement on Looting of Artefacts in Egypt

Statement from the Archaeological Institute of America Concerning the Looting of Artifacts in Egypt, January 31, 2011

For supporters of archaeology, the most resonant images emerging from Egypt were those showing citizens, arms linked, encircling the Egyptian Museum to protect it from the looters who would steal and destroy the nation’s archaeological heritage. Those resolute citizens showed a desire to protect some of the world’s most important cultural resources, even in the face of obvious danger. Those images are in a word—moving. Their courage once again shows the importance of archaeology and cultural heritage in the lives of people in Egypt, and indeed, for so many around the world.
all very nice, speak of "solidarity" and all that, but then there are limits to that declared solidarity...
We call on Egyptian authorities to do what they can to protect the irreplaceable archaeological and cultural material in their country. [...] We also call on local and international law enforcement and customs officials to be alert to antiquities dealers who may try to export illegally obtained artifacts from Egypt.
But not those "importing" them? Since this is an AIA statement, should not there be a call here to US law enforcement and customs officials to pay attention? Should there not be a call for the CCPIA to be enacted to block the movement of such freshly looted material into what has been claimed to be the largest single antiquity market on the globe? Why the coyness AIA?

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