Tuesday 8 February 2011

Findspot, here, really, honest!

It seems that US detectorists sometimes have doubts whether a fellow artefact hunter really found what he says he did in the place he says he did. The TreasureNet Forum has a series of rules concerning "authenticity" which are very interesting. the forum moderators insist: All finds posted are presumed to be genuine, and those who post them are to be respected. But:
Occasionally a member may have doubts about the authenticity of an item posted by another member. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
1. It is NEVER appropriate or permissible, regardless of proof, to state or suggest in an open forum that another member's find may not be genuine— unless, of course, he has raised that possibility himself, or there is an obvious issue that cannot be disputed or ignored (for example, if the word "COPY" is clearly stamped on a coin).
2. It is NEVER appropriate or permissible to suggest that a member may not actually have found the item which he has posted as a find.
3. [...] Failure to follow these guidelines may result in censure, loss of privileges &/or access to certain forums, or outright banning from TreasureNet.
Interestingly what it does not seem to say in this section of the forum rules is that persons found misrepresenting objects as genuine finds will face censure, restrictions or banning.

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