Wednesday 9 February 2011

No More Mucking About: the Jefferies Affair

I'm putting this here as much as a public record than anything. Since December there has been an unnecessary and unpleasant fuss generated about a text I was commissioned to write and wrote yonks ago about a project I was involved in, the excavations and post excavation work of a site at Mucking. I discussed it here, here and here, and it seems quite a lot of people - for reasons that are unclear to me - took a interest in it. Anyway the end(?) of the matter is that I have now signed a new copyright agreement with the publisher which sorts out the matter of responsibility for the wording of my text. Rosemary Jefferies has further been informed today by the publisher, which she is reported to have been threatening with legal action, that should she still want to influence the wording of my text she may contact the author (not the publisher) with her queries, criticisms and complaints. As part of our agreement, the publisher obliges itself to introduce any changes the author requests free of charge (normally when it gets to such an advanced production stage, author's changes are charged to them). But time is running out. Funnily enough, it turns out I am not the only one having trouble reaching Ms Jefferies, the publisher has not got her address to send her an official letter, but I understand they have discussed the matter by telephone today. Anyway I thought I'd put this announcement up on my blog. Anyone who knows Rosemary Jefferies is asked to draw her attention to this, so she can't say she did not know. Oh, and tell her I am looking forward to hearing from her (probably more than she is looking forward to actually confronting me with what I have learnt at second hand she wants me to change and the reasons why she feels such changes are required).

What a palaver about a text about a hole in the ground. What next?

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