Monday 7 February 2011

Metal Detecting (and Digging) Colonial Sites in the US

* Here we see US artefact hunters getting excited about some post-medieval finds, including coins of Elizabeth I (clunked with the spade or plough?) and James I. What is interesting is that they were found with a "depth advantage" machine, a borrowed GPX 4000. These thin hammered coins were reputedly found at a depth of "22 inches". The photo shows that this is below the top humic layer of shallow ploughsoil. The machine costs about 5000 dollars, but as dealer Woodland Detectors 4-H says in this thread:
Just like everything else...You get what you pay for. That was my initial thought, "who is going to buy these machines at those prices?" But amazingly, I sell 3 a month, and the phone is ringing for them I've got them on payment plans. They are moving. They are finding gold and relics that are paying for the machines within the first Month. [...] I think if finding lucrative relics/coins or Cache's were my goal, I'd definitely consider it. Just like a car, you get what you pay for. Look how deep this find was. [...] And these types of finds are coming like that from all over the World now.

Vignette: the Depth Advantage, digging down deeper and deeper to artefacts buried deeply below those "tough conditions" of the ploughsoil all over the world.

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