Monday 21 February 2011

On the Trail of the Revolution and the Looters

My Mum when she heard the news I was going after all to Egypt said that I was "not to talk to any Arabs"...  (ummmm....) I have been to Tahrir, got pulled into a demonstrating group, been chatting with all sorts of folk. I came to the conclusion that the TV gave us a distorted view. I made a series of slides of Archaeological Traces of Revolution.

Best of all I spent the whole day wandering round the Egyptian Museum trying to correlate what we have been told with the traces left. It was quite an eye opener, more here later. Quite by chance after I had almost given up trying to corelate the Al Jazeera photos with what I saw, I was able to tag onto a conducted tour of the looting trail by a member of the Museum direction, who seemed to get the impression that I was not believing everything he was telling us and he abruptly called off the tour after we saw the Akhenaton figure.

Then even more exciting for me, again by chance I bumped into Salima Ikram who then walked round with me pointing out things I had not thought of. Wonderful, I have always wanted to meet her.

There is more I want to say, I understand a lot more now I have seen it with my own eyes, and now have a much clearer idea what probably went on (and its not what we've been told) but the computer from which I am writing this in Cairo is not in the best of moods today, so will update from hand written notes when I get to Luxor.

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Mark said...


Seriously, great work with regard to your recent reports on Egypt. I eagerly await your forthcoming posts.

Be safe, and thanks in advance!

Mark Durney

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