Monday 14 February 2011

Cairo Museum: Counting the Losses on CBS

Dr Hawass ('Egypt Official Talks Museum Robbery' CBS News February 14, 2011 4:49 PM) has other problems on his mind today and seems to have problems counting (note empty bookshelves probably reflecting his move of office to a Ministry building).
CBS News' Terry McCarthy speaks with Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, who describes how thieves climbed in from the roof using ropes and let themselves into the Egyptian Museum during the recent protests there.

I seem to have trouble opening the CBSN version, here it is on You Tube (the embed facility seems to be disabled at the moment)

So I see we are back up to "nine" looters again. They were "captured by the Egyptian people" (outside the Museum). These are presumably the nine (later altered to ten) who were reported by Minister Hawass "still in custody" the other day. But then were these not those "ca. ten" men (note coincidence of number) who were captured by the Army on the night of the looting who were arrested because they "tried relentlessly to scale the western museum surrounding wall" (so presumably did not get into the Museum - or were they trying to get out)?

But oh dear: "then two days ago, we found out... that.. eight [shows five fingers] objects were missing. Actually they are small pieces..." [makes gesture how small]. Note also the gesture he makes for the goddess holding "king Tut". He also says it was the "head of a scribe" rather than the full figure. "We have to thank God that all the masterpieces are there [apart from the ones that are not - PMB] and these small items - eight of them [shows five fingers] - we found until now three". Ah, so that means there are now only five more to find? In actual fact they have found two from the list of eighteen, nice in itself, but not quite the same. At the end of the video, Hawass announces confidently "I have a plan" how to get the tourists back to Egypt.

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