Thursday 3 February 2011

Egypt Looting: Confusion over the Situation at Saqqara

The Leiden Expedition's webpage contains some information reflecting the conflicting accounts coming out (or not) of Saqqara.
The most recent news is that various parts of the site of Saqqara have been plundered. Whether this involves the Dutch concession is at the moment not yet clear, and we await further news from the authorities.
Looting Matters also has a brief post referring to this. There still seems to be doubt about whether the tomb of Maya (or is it the tomb of Maia?) has been looted as reported earlier. There is an enigmatic comment from Sarah Parcak "Maia seems to be fine(?)", but does that mean the Tomb of Maya is or is not?

Vignette: The central part of the massive Saqqara site from the air.

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Damien Huffer said...

This is so bloody upsetting...

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