Sunday 6 February 2011

Egyptian Museum: Restoration of the Damaged Objects

Ahramonline reports that all of the artefacts damaged by looters in the Egyptian Museum will be fully restored during the next five days.

Details of the Late Period artefacts which were damaged have still not been released; nor did this area of the museum appear on the TV coverage of the damage. It is therefore impossible to assess how much conservation and repair might be needed to this group of artefacts; however, it seems surprising that the badly smashed statue of Tutankhamun riding a black panther has been repaired in such a tight timeframe.

Here is a video of the Minister (where is he speaking from? This is not the roof of the SCA, is it) expressing his support for Mubarak, but at the end refers to going from there to the Museum to "restore the 70 objects".

UPDATE: It was several weeks later reported that it was only on "6th February" (the date when this video was made) that the Museum staff was allowed by the Army stationed in the building to spend any time in the galleries examining the scope of the damage. It seems however that before this they had been able to (quickly?) gather up the pieces of at least some of the broken objects.

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