Friday 7 December 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Portyanq Outreachers Frit to tell the Truth?

Heritage Action refer to a recently published statement by the leader of the Portyanqs Partnership, Roger Bland about commercial artefact hunting rallies, admirably puts its coded statements into plain English and adds:
Every archaeologist and quite a few detectorists think such events are vandalistic and if only someone, Mr Bland, would lead them in telling the public the uncoded truth and called upon the Government to sort it then perhaps it would be. Not doing so is quite insulting to landowners actually. It implies landowners who agree to holding massive rallies are uncaring about heritage protection whereas many of them may care quite a lot but only get information from rally organisers, not from Mr Bland! If PAS (or any other archaeological body) doesn’t like big rallies let them take out a quarter page ad in the Farmers Weekly saying precisely why, in plain English. Job done. If they’re embarrassed or frit of the reaction of artefact hunters let them send us the money – we’ll do it!

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